Mythical Castles of Greece Bike tour



Greece has been influenced by diverse civilizations over the centuries. Many of them left their traces on the land, through architectural gems that survive to this day, adding to the amazing natural beauty of the Greek landscape.

Stunning castles dating back to the Medieval times and the Byzantine period, built by the Francs, the Ottomans, and the Venetians attest to the influence of these cultures to the Greek land and people and form the perfect backdrop for an amazing bike tour. Discover by bike this less-known side of the country through some of the most famous and idyllic castles of Greece.


Day 1 - Athens - Acrocorinth - Nafplio

Pick up from your hotel and transfer to the Corinth Canal for a small break to see the canal and then beginning of the bike tour from that point until we reach the ancient port of Lechaio. From there we will head south towards the ruins of Ancient Corinth and the archaeological site located in the area. Then following a challenging uphill we will meet the first Castle of the tour, the Acrocorinth, which was continuously occupied from archaic times to the early 19th century. Load the bikes and transfer to Nafplio. Check in into our hotel and later dinner with seafood in our favorite fish tavern in Nafplio.

Day 2 - Nafplio – Mycenae and caste of Argos Bike Tour

Breakfast with local products and Greek coffee will be the first thing we do the next morning. After that, pure cycling heading towards to one of the most important Archeological sites in Greece: The ruins of the ancient city of Mycenae, the kingdom of mythical Agamemnon. The city is indissolubly linked to the Homeric epics, the “Iliad” and the “Odyssey”, which have influenced European art and literature for more than three millennia. After Mycenae we are heading to Argos where we will visit the ancient and medieval acropolis of the city. Return to Nafplio using a coastal road. Dinner in our favorite restaurant. 

Day 3 - Nafplio - Sparti - Mystras

Breakfast and check out from our hotel. Then a 2-hour transfer to Xirokampi village, a few kilometers south of Sparti. We check into our hotel, we hop on our bikes and we head out towards Mystras castle, which is situated on the slopes of Taygetos Mountain. Mystras, the best preserved example of medieval walled town in the Greek region, is today a standing ghost city that fascinates the modern traveler with its castle, churches and the palatial complex of the ruling Byzantine dynasty. Return to Xirokampi and later we will enjoy our dinner in the hotel.

Day 4 - Sparti - Kalamata

Today after our delicious breakfast we pack up and board the van to the coastal town of Kalamata overlooking the Messinian Gulf. You can relax all day at the hotel's swimming pool or have an optional ride to the city center of this bike friendly city. You can visit the small castle and enjoy a coffee or a beer at a seaside café. Dinner in our hotel under the stars with panoramic view of the Messinian Gulf.

Day 5 - Kalamata - Koroni

Breakfast in our hotel and check out. We hop on our bikes for today’s bike tour. Our destination is Koroni, located at the far end of the west side of the Messsinian Gulf. The route is relatively relaxed but it includes some challenging points. On the way we pedal among small seaside villages and the landscape is full of olive trees. We reach Koroni, a lovely traditional small port and we visit the castle which is dated back to the 6th-7th century and it is an example of the Venetian fortress architecture. Free time to explore on your own and then we enjoy seafood at one of the local taverns. Transfer to our hotel in the area.

Day 6 - Koroni - Methoni

We enjoy our breakfast in our hotel and we are getting ready for today’s bike tour. We start pedaling from Koroni heading west to meet the Ionian Sea at Foinikounta bay, one of the most popular in Messinia. Coffee break by the sea and we continue coast to coast to reach our next destination. That would be Methoni village located at the very edge of the west side of Peloponnese peninsula. A picturesque small port next to the impressive and very well preserved castle. Methoni castle in one of largest castles in the Mediterranean built in the 13th century by the Venetians and served as a fortress. We spend the day around Methoni, we relax by the sea and then transfer to our hotel. Dinner with a glass of wine under the stars in our favorite restaurant.

Day 7 – Methoni - Pylos

After you have enjoyed a delicious breakfast we hop on our bikes to start pedaling heading to Pylos, historically also known under its Italian name Navarino. In the area there are two castles built on the summits of the two hills at the edges of the Bay of Navarino, overlooking the town of Pylos: the older castle of Navarino, called Palaiokastron (Old Castle) or Palaionavarinon and the more recent castle, called Niokastron (New Castle). We start with the last one which is one of the best preserved castles in Greece and it was built in 1573 during the Ottoman occupation. Then we have a coffee break in Pylos beautiful central square before we continue our ride to reach the last castle of the tour, Palaiokastron located on the top of a hill overlooking one of the most famous beaches in Greece, the Voidokilia beach which will leave you breathless. We end the tour riding to our hotel. We celebrate our last night together with a complimentary dinner and tasteful local wine.

Day 8 – Return to Athens

Enjoy as much as you like your breakfast and then we pack up and board our van for our return trip to Athens.