Paths – Trekking on Pano Koufonissi

Open the Foot Paths Photo Gallery

Open the Foot Paths Photo Gallery

On Pano Koufonisi the highest point is 113m.

It is immediately obvious that walking is not a particularly demanding activity. Accompanied by the beauty and tranquility of the scenery, you can easily walk all over it in three hours, although in practice this is not feasible as it’s beauty will often rivet you to the spot.

Below we will describe a few routes:

Village Pori by sealine Foot Path

Village – Pori Beach – coastal route, 3.5km:

Starting at the village we follow the coastal track eastwards.

We walk through the Strubos quarter and past Hondros Cavos Beach to Harokopou Beach, where the dirt track continues up the hill. There we take the coastal footpath and walk along the cliffs and past the beaches of Fanos,

Kaliari footpath 650m:

It runs from the Harokopou area to the inland road from the village to Pori. At Harokopou Beach starts a concrete track which goes towards the north. About 350m along it on the left you can see the footpath. It’s also a convenient shortcut from the Pori road to the Harokopou area.

Mandra Foot Path

Mandra – Pori footpath 1km:

It runs from Harokopou to Pori, inland. From Harokopou Beach we follow the concrete track to the north. About 280m along the track on the right we see a footpath that brings us to Pori.

It is a very scenic route because of the magnificent views it offers. On the way there is lush vegetation of brush and bush.

There is one point which requires attention. After about 160m the path runs into a rocky patch creating the impression that you must turn right. The path actually continues over the rocks which do not present any difficulty for walkers.

Horistaria footpath 1km:

This footpath runs from the inland Village to Pori road to Pori Beach. It begins at the second uphill stretch on the right.

A scenic route affording stunning views to Pori Cove, Amorgos, the desert islands Kopria and Makares and Donoussa.

Pori Galla Foot Path

Pori Beach – Gala 550m:

The peninsula at Pori boasts at the end a large hollow containing a beach and a sea cave. This is Tripiti, or, as it is usually called, Gala (Milk)

You follow the footpath from the beach to the cape. Tripiti is not visible until you are upon it.

Limenari Foot Path

Limenari footpath 2km:

It leads to Limenari Beach in the north, a beach with no particular pretensions to beauty.

The route is exquisite, but there are considerable uphill bits.

From the village we follow the concrete road north to the petrol station, past the heli pad. From the top of the hill the beach and the footpath are clearly visible.

The distance is 1.5km on the concrete road and 550m on the footpath to the beach.

Agrillia Foot Path

Agrilia footpath 700m:

It runs from the Village to Petrol Station road to the Village to Pori road. It begins halfway between the helipad and the petrol station and runs for about 700m to the stables area at Pori.

Profitis Ilias Foot Path

Village to Profitis Ilias:

The location of Profitis Ilias affords a stunning view of half the island and the surrounding islands to the east, south and west, Amorgos, Keros, Kato Koufonisi, Schinoussa, Iraklia and Naxos. On a clear day even Santorini is discernible.

There are two ways to get there, or you may follow a circular route and so get to see them both.

The first is 1350m and the second 2350m, so if we go one way and back the other it is 3.7km in all.

Below is a description of the circular route.

Beginning at the village or the harbour we head west, past Loutro Beach and reach Parianos Beach.

Right past the beach tavern we turn right onto the dirt track. After about half a kilometre the track becomes concrete and 80m further along we come upon the turning to Profitis Ilias.

We climb the not-too-challenging hill, a few metres further on the road becomes a dirt track again and after 450m we reach the chapel (the prophet Elijah)

The land is private but entrance is free. You open a conventionally secured gate and enter. Please remember to close the gate behind you so that the sheep and goats do not escape.

After your visit and a rest you go back following the second route. Closing the gate you get back onto the dirt track and walk the 450m to the concrete road. There you turn left. After about 475m you get to the road leading from the village to the petrol station, at the site of the helipad.

You turn right.

After about 400m we reach the village after passing the school building