Employment Opportunities

Activities & Sports Gateway organizes a wide range of sports activities and events in a variety of sports welcoming and inviting athletes, attendants and friends of athletes from all over the world in selected locations of outstanding beauty in Greece throughout the year.

During these events, Activities & Sports Gateway may seek the services and contribution of specialized sports consultants and specific (technical experts) in a series of sports possessing proven professional knowledge, skills  and experience as well as other professional behavior required to support organization and implementation of a major international event in Greece such as all those organized by Activities & Sports Gateway.

It should be noted that the vast majority of such cases, refer to fixed contract employment only and not to permanent employment.

In this context, Activities & Sports Gateway welcomes and encourages all professional and non- professional athletes and managers who believe they can contribute to the excellence of organizing such event to submit their resume stating sports and/or management expertise they have in specialists the sport they are applying for in order to be considered applicants to support specific event.  Please note that as far as the selection process is concerned, it is very important to accurately record the type of service they consider skillful to offer support. All CVs will be examined and answered accordingly.

Activities & Sports Gateway is committed to be a fixed-term equal opportunities employer without any discrimination or unequal treatment based on sex, religion or nationality.

Activities & Sports Gateway actively recognizes the role and the importance of social responsibility and therefore based on its business performance, will try to to support and promote partnerships with local communities in the provision of services and supply of goods required to make an event a real success story and a unique experience.